Meet Phyllis Pieri


• Phyllis Pieri is a natural entrepreneur, having a successful lemonade stand on the golf course from her home at 10 to raise money for a stained glass window for her church. 

• She owned a successful Sir Speedy Printing Franchise in downtown San Francisco, right next to the Transamerica, today her location is a park!

• She spent 10 years in Orange County, CA helping people get into the Automotive Tune and Lube business.

• Worked with Erwin Keup, a franchise attorney, and helped several companies turn their business into a franchise.

• She was recruited by Sir Speedy Printing to develop the 9 western states for them. She was the first female to join 9 other men in that department. 

• The last twenty years she has been matching the right people to the best franchise for them. 

• She is an international Best Selling Author, Global Speaker, Podcaster and Course Creator.

• Today she is a grammy to Emma and Stevie


Phyllis Pieri

Mission Viejo, CA