Fundraising U

Founded in 2009, Fundraising University is the leader in the School sports fundraising industry due to its positive community impact, low start-up and overhead costs, proven documented systems, strong leadership, exceptional training, and exceptional unit-level economics. Equipping students, coaches and communities to...Dream Big, Raise More, Work Smart! They have found that often the word "fundraising" makes students, staff and coaches cringe. It doesn't have to be that way. Fundraising should unify teams, fuel programs and create lasting, positive change for entire communities. At Fundraising University, they plan, execute, and repeat a successful fundraiser that student athletes and the community will look forward to year after year. Most of all, they believe in customer service. They serve coaches, students, schools, and communities.

As a personal Fundraising University Coach, they're alongside the coaches, and students every step of the way. From launch to product delivery, they're here to help coaches and students have the best fundraising experience possible. If the team can dream it, they help bring the dream to life. Fundraising University provides its franchise partners with a highly scalable recurring revenue model (very high levels of repeat business) requiring no initial employees, and exceptional unit economics. (See Item 19) with low start-up costs, a home-based office, and minimal operating costs; Fundraising University provides very high ROI for its franchise partners. All franchisees are supported through high quality in person training programs, as well as online (webinar resource library based) training. Weekly leadership calls and training help the franchisees stay connected and focused on weekly results. This is a great opportunity for a sales-oriented person with a passion for kids and sports and the opportunity to support coaches, schools and communities.

Ideal Candidate:

Self-starter, teachable, competitive, empathetic, organized, loves sports, has a direct selling background, strong intrapersonal and interpersonal skills, and relationship building.


Phyllis Pieri

Aubrey, TX 76227


[email protected]