I met the Founder and CEO, Carmelo Marsala when he first came to the International Franchise Convention to compete in a shark tank kind of event and won. He is a scientist, holds 3 patents and then returned to win again against other winners years later. This is a company you don't want to overlook.

Spray-Net is the most cost-effective way to increase property value and beautify a home. Using their proprietary line of industrial-strength coatings and patented application processes, they renew and transform existing surfaces that most people think can't be painted but, instead, need to be replaced.

They revamp and transform aluminum and vinyl siding, stucco, brick, front and garage doors, aluminum and vinyl windows, asphalt shingle roofs and all types of kitchen cabinets. In just one day, they deliver a permanent, factory finish that won't peel and that looks just like-new, not repainted. They've reverse engineered the process of factory painting and optimized it for on-site application. By bringing factory results directly on-site they give property owners a real alternative to replacement.

The cost of their solution, representing a small fraction of total property value, is immediately outweighed by the increase in curb appeal and overall property value. Unlike some renovations that don't pay off, their renovation solution allows property owners to literally see a return on their investment. Today, Spray-Net has transformed over 20,000 homes across North America, offering homeowners a truly new way to renovate!

Their business model results in a service that was not previously possible and a no-brainer for property owners. A service that offers the speed and affordability of painting the benefits of replacing. The economics work because they've cut out all the middlemen and go from formulation or their proprietary coatings all the way to the application using their specialized equipment and patented processes their custom chemistry, coupled with the economies of scale of the franchise business model allows them to deploy service that offers an excellent ROI to property owners and, as a result, their franchise partners. They're proud to have built a business that creates value for all stakeholders; the customer, there franchisees and them, the franchisor.

Top Selling Points

  • Niche and specialized patented process - not just paint! No competitors can produce their quality

  • High sales to investment ratio

  • High average job size and margins

  • Low investment and overhead

  • Multiple revenue streams

Ideal Franchise Candidate

The #1 driver is ambition backed by hard work and team building capacity. Other important pieces are performing under pressure, and able to take ownership for his/her success. Open to coaching and guidance, the better they follow the Spray-Net process, the quicker and more sustainably they will grow their business! Strong leadership is a must and experience working in a blue-collar environment an asset.


Phyllis Pieri

Mission Viejo, CA